Hospitality Host of Temple Square

In 1988, Temple Square Hospitality Corporation (TSHC) was organized to service the dining and hospitality needs of those visiting Temple Square – the largest tourist attraction in Utah. Today, TSHC continues to be known as the Hospitality Host of Temple Square and has grown into two catering facilities, four restaurants, a bakery, a full-service floral department and a contact center for all of Temple Square. Each year TSHC serves over 600,000 Temple Square guests.

Temple Square Hospitality Corporation (TSHC) hosts its services in The Joseph Smith Memorial Building and Lion House. Both buildings maintain a historically significant presence on Temple Square and in the downtown Salt Lake City area. They stand as icons for maintaining their heritage of excellent hospitality.
The Joseph Smith Memorial Building was constructed in 1911 as the luxurious Hotel Utah. After a large remodeling effort in the 1990’s, the hotel became the social center it is today. The beauty and historical value of the original structure remains, as do many of the public areas in the building. With three restaurants including:

Temple Square Hospitality
Temple Square Hospitality

Historic Temple Square

TSHC continues to provide exceptional services to thousands of guests entering The Joseph Smith Memorial Building each year.

The Lion House was built by Brigham Young in 1856 – just nine years after the pioneers came to the Salt Lake Valley. The home maintains its original charm and beauty, but it now serves as the gathering place for receptions, group dinners, club meetings and other events with eight beautify banquet rooms.

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